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What’s popular on Sina Weibo this week

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Are you up on what the hundreds of millions of Chinese netizens are talking about? Take a moment and get the rundown of what’s hot, what’s trending, and what’s drawing the most buzz on the Chinese blogosphere.

#Shivering students study in subzero cold (views: 4.5 million)

A student from Anqing Normal University in Anhui Province got a warm response on social media after a photo of her wrapped in a heavy blanket while studying in subzero temperatures at the school went viral on social media.

The student was huddled in the freezing classroom preparing for the upcoming national graduate entrance examinations in late December, media reported.

#40% PKU students find life "meaningless" (views: 30.6 million)

A recent survey revealed that 40.4 percent of all freshmen at Peking University feel life is meaningless, while 30.4 percent said they feel disgusted by the act of studying.

Xu Kaiwen, the Peking University professor who conducted the survey, said that the students are left feeling without purpose following the years of intense competition and preparation needed to enter China’s top-ranked school.

#Teacher blackmails student for eight sex dates (views: 6.1 million)

A high school teacher was arrested for having a sexual relationship with an underage student after he attempted to blackmail her for more sex when she tried to break off the illicit affair.

The teacher, surnamed Guo of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, demanded that the student have sex with him "eight more times" or he would release nude photos of them taken during their relationship, jcrb.com, a website affiliated with the Supreme People’s Procuratorate reported Wednesday.

The report triggered outcry among social media users, who called for greater attention to sex crimes on Chinese campuses and enhanced protection of minors.

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